NewPoint Learning Center of Ann Arbor
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We offer a wide variety of proven educational support services including
 tutoring and instruction, homework help, test prep and study skills improvement.

Tutoring and Instruction

Content Tutoring

This popular service is for students K-12 who need immediate instruction
in a specific content area to catch up, keep up or move ahead.

Enrichment Tutoring

For students who want to be challenged and further develop their academic skills,
we offer advanced programs in a variety of subject areas.

Homework Help

Students may need homework help for a variety of reasons.
Our Homework Help service is designed to assist students
when they do not understand what happened in the classroom that day.
We provide guidance while working through sets of homework problems,
and we offer supervised support from an expert
to ensure accuracy and completion of their individual assignments.

ACT & SAT Test Preparation

The ACT and SAT are nationally recognized, standardized tests used for college admissions
and are accepted at all universities and colleges throughout the country. 
We recommend that students prepare for these before taking the test for the first time.
We offer
-on-one test prep with personal consultations about score interpretations
and an assessment of each student's testing style.

 Test Proctoring

                           The NewPoint Learning Center will act as a test proctor for students who need to have tests administered.  


Study Skills

Using effective study skills is vital to becoming a strong student.
We welcome you to partner with us to develop your student's Personal Best Plan for improving study skills.  
Developing specific habits and routines can help the student organize tasks and assignments,
set priorities, manage time and fulfill responsibilities. 

By exploring new study strategies, students can learn the difference
between rote memorization and deeper understanding of the material. 

They can become more active, successful learners. And they can d
evelop critical reading
and study strategies, note-taking, test-taking, time management and organizational skills.

We focus on teaching and modeling study strategies.

And we incorporate practice with real classroom materials.

Specialty Areas

Expertise in working with students who experience ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Autism

Latin tutoring

Basic, elementary German tutoring

Spanish & French tutoring

Classes in Public Speaking for Youth & Group Anxiety

Individual and small group instruction





 Are you ready to get started? 

Call us at (734) 213-3695 or visit us at 2216 S. Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 

We'll point you in the right direction. 

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